Why Video?

Why Advertising?

Why Do We Care?

We are inspired by great visionaries in film, art, music, culture, fashion, community, and society. These visionaries bring to our lives entertainment with thoughtfulness, art that inspires us, music that drives us, culture that shapes us, fashion that enhances us, community that welcomes us, and society that guides us.

We are filmmakers and understand the power of visual persuasion and entertainment. There is no greater feeling that seeing a production through from concept to realization – from a small idea to a powerful piece of art that can entertain, make someone take action, or promote that next big idea. We are purveyors of that feeling and believe truly in what stories we tell.

We care about what we do because we understand the power we have as filmmakers. Each idea is a piece of influence and we believe in putting forth concepts and ideas that further our humanity. We find that humanity in cultures and societies that know there is a greater good to everything we do. We make advertisements, films, commercials, branded content, and more, but the greatest thing we create is a caring attitude to everyone we work with and for.

Ryan Northcott

Ryan Northcott is an Actor, Director, Producer, and Co-Founder of MEDIAPOP.

Northcott began his career appearing in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show and followed up with roles in Atomic Dog, and Don’t Look Behind You. His break came when he was cast, seemingly out of nowhere, in Mystery, Alaska. Originally auditioning for a small bit part role he caught the eye of Casting Director Linda Lowy, and was ultimately cast as “Stevie Weeks”. Shortly after he appeared as Carl Wilson in the Emmy nominated miniseries The Beach Boys: An American Family. Northcott also appeared in MVP: Most Valuable PrimateRipperTom Stone the TV series, Wild Roses the TV series, 12 Men of Christmas, and Away and Back.

Northcott now joins a long list of actors to portray “Wyatt Earp” in the “Syfy” television series “Wynonna Earp (TV series)”.

Eric Giesbrecht

Eric Giesbrecht is a Producer and Co-Founder of MEDIAPOP.

He has been in television and theatre industries for over 15 years on the technical side and as producer of films and television. Your typical producer, he balances the line between creative freedom for his filmmakers and writers with the timelines, schedules, budgets, and the intricate details that go into any production big or small.

His style is hard, but fair, yet his beliefs on culture, people, and society is that everyone has something to offer and give to this world. His acute knowledge of film history is incredible and often plays into the way we produce our productions.

Initiatives & Causes

Distress Centre

We worked together with the Distress Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada producing a promotional video pro bono.

Champions Career Centre

Produced and volunteered productions to this amazing group that helps people with disabilities find education, work, and more.

BUSY Foundation

Produced several videos for the BUSY Foundation, a group that helps young entrepreneurs find their vision and bring their ideas to life.