We Are Producers

Making Awesome, Not Crap.

We make videos.

Not crappy videos.
Great videos.

Make no mistake we’ve made some really crap videos, but in 10 years we’ve figured out how to make them not crappy anymore. So they’re really great now – similar to my impression of Christopher Walken asking his friends to hurry up and get ready, but you’ll have to meet me in person to hear that.

You are not a producer

I am the producer

Would you tell Mr. Mercedes Benz how to build a car or Mrs. Fields how to make a good cookie? Of course you wouldn’t, that’s ridiculous. No one makes better cookies than Mrs. Fields, though Mr. Christie would argue that…but I digress.

The point is, we all want to be involved in decisions and leave our legacies, but we should also respect the people who know exactly what on earth they’re doing.

You tell us your great message and we’ll put that idea into pretty pictures that we agree on. When that doesn’t happen we get a nasty looking Jackson Pollock without the Jackson…or the Pollock. More like the Wednesday night painting class with your friends whilst drinking wine.

All we need from you is a brief, a synopsis, a story, a message…basically telling us why you came to us in the first place.

I like nice things

You like nice things

Let’s talk about the 800 pound Trump in the room.

Budget. We get asked all the time “What do you charge?” I’m no physicist (though I do know one) and I could try answer to the nearest exponent, but that would be silly because I’m not good at advanced math and there are many options and ideas that could alter the final number.

The price depends on what you want to do.

Here’s a handy chart to illustrate that in no particular specificity at all:

Basically I can make you a project that is essentially free (though that’s pretty damn rare) or a project that costs as much as an episode of Game of Thrones. It’s all about the story, but more importantly your budget.

So before we spend time figuring out the Secret of the Budget Sphinx with pretty proposals and Voltaire-quality musings about your project it’s best you just tell us what you want to spend. When we don’t do that together someone loses their ice cream cone and cries all the way home.

Did we not have coffee today?

Remarkably yes we did, but really, we just want to make great work that makes everyone happy so we’re slicing through the formalities and getting to the real cheese. That’s a big block of awesome video for you and a slice of wicked fulfilling art for us.

Here, let these people say it better than I can. ( I wrote these for them.)

Jayson Therrien

At first I wouldn’t trust Ryan with even a simple task like getting coffee, but I’ve come to learn that he actually knows what the hell he’s doing. He produces and directs some powerful projects…still bad about coffee though.

Jayson Therrien - Producer "Everfall"


As East Village rose from the ground so did our relationship with MEDIAPOP for video, photography, and more. They are responsive, creative, and have become part of the community as ambassadors and partners.

Susan Veres - Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

Eric Gooden

Why are you texting me at midnight? Testimonial? Alright I guess. You guys are creative, nimble, and you do make some incredible projects. We love working with you. Can I go back to sleep now?

Eric Gooden - Bellstar Hotels & Resorts

Megan Szanik

Their fashion sense is a little dodgy, but we’re working on that, it’s getting better. Having said that I won’t work with anyone else – they understand our brand, our vision, and work with our team really well.

Megan Szanik - espy experience


Please call me. I need to ask you about the wedding in Vancouver and whether you want Maddie to fly or drive. Auntie Karen and I are doing an Airbnb in Victoria as well if you want to chip in. LMK.

Rhonda - Ryan's Mother

Who are we?

We’re a team of professional individuals who have been in the entertainment industry for a collective 1,000 years. Or at least that’s how it feels, it’s actually only been 40-plus years. We’ve learned a lot along the way and we’re very good at what we do, but we’re still learning because being stale is pretty much death.

We are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but have worked all across Canada and the United States…oh and Belgium…we did a thing there and it won a bunch of awards.

So let’s make some amazing (not crappy) video together and then go to the Winchester, have a pint, and wait for it to all blow over.

Or something like that.