Rest easy in the Rockies

Bellstar Resorts Solara

Canmore's Top Resort

A unique resort hotel in Canmore, Alberta. Set amidst the majestic mountains near Banff National Park, the resort offers the unique opportunity to stay in trendy condo-style suites or in upscale hotel-style rooms. This production touched on the beauty of the area, the amenities the resort offers, and what human experiences you can expect at the Solara Resort in Canmore.

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A Relaxing Escape in the Rockies

Canmore, Alberta is one of the most beautiful areas in North America, perhaps the world. Set in the Rocky Mountains it has all the modern amenities, but the quaintness of a small mountain town. Bellstar Hotels & Resorts brought us in to produce a set of videos, 10 in all, to use across their digital platforms. Our mission was to produce beautiful overall productions for their Grande Rockies and Solara Resorts, but also highlight the dining, corporate, summer and winter activities, and relaxing spa services.

We wanted to create a feeling of what it would be like to be there. Through music, moving shots, and a great set of actors to convey the emotional moments. It was important for us to show what it’s really like to stay, eat, relax, and explore at these beautiful resorts.

“There’s something awe inspiring and incredibly powerful when you look up at the Rocky Mountains, breathe that air, and realize just how small we really are. This project allowed us to work with some really talented people and in the shadow of this vast, beautiful setting, you quickly come to appreciate the effort and talent from these artists both in front and behind the camera.”

Ryan Northcott, Director/Producer

Mood & Inspiration.

Calm, Cool, Collected
Jayson Therrien at the Solara Resort
All the Setups
Making everything look pretty and nice.
Hurry up and Wait
The cast chills out…
Bonus: Kristian Jackson
Can’t forget the very talented Kristian Jackson.


Production Company: MEDIAPOP Films | Creative Director: Eric Gooden, Ian Thorley | Director: Ryan Northcott | Producer: Eric Giesbrecht | Producer: Ryan Northcott | Cinematographer: Aaron Bernakevitch | Writer: Eric Gooden, Ryan Northcott | Editor: Ryan Northcott | Talent: Jayson Therrien, Stacie Harrison, Kristian Jackson, Samantha Mah, Chris Casson, Michelle Brandenburg, Maddison Krebs | Makeup/Wardrobe: Nicole Richey | Client: Bellstar Hotels & Resorts

The Film.

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