Car Dance Party Belgium for Toyota

Car Dance Party Belgium for Toyota

The phenomenon that was Car Dance Party Belgium was not only a huge hit, but also gave Toyota a much bigger ROI on investment than they anticipated.

+ Producing
+ Directing
+ Writing
+ Editing
+ Choreography (lol)

+ Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Gold – Use of Mixed Media
+ Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Gold – Cars & Automotive Services
+ Eurobest – The European Advertising Festival – Silver – Cars & Automotive Services
+ Eurobest – The European Advertising Festival – Silver
+ Eurobest – The European Advertising Festival  – Bronze
+ IAB MIXX Award


We received an email from Belgium one evening. Greg was on the other end, asking if we could come produce the Belgium version of Car Dance Party Moscow for Toyota. After a bit of hesitation and some due diligence research we did determine that Greg was real, Happiness-Brussels was real, and this email was real.

Two weeks later we found ourselves in Belgium scouting locations, growing an awful set of chops, and designing dance moves that only Belgians could appreciate.

Long story short…we had a multi-award winning production that took a country by storm in one glorious summer.

“I can’t tell you what it’s like to have to run around Belgium trying to produce a thing while wearing the bottom half of a 1980’s women’s ski suit, with mutton chops, a moustache, and a ridiculous gold chain. That happened.”

Ryan Northcott

Mood & Inspiration.

By her early teens, Carly-Anna had begun taking drugs and partying with a pretty intense crowd. She ended up leaving home and leaving school. Her loving mother did all that she could do to help her navigate these difficult years. By 16 or 17 Carly-Anna started to find herself again.
At 16 Coral was the mother of a baby girl, living in a run down basement suite, who hadn’t finished high school and had little to no support from family. Rather than feeling powerless as so many would in her circumstance, Coral was fearless. Her interactions with Calgary Youth Justice Society gave Coral the chance to talk about her hopes, dreams and passions—of which there were many—and to feel for the first time like they were possible to achieve.
Sebastian was in a terrible car accident at 17 years old. He had already been hanging out with a crowd of friends who were not a good influence on him. He had been experimenting with drugs and living a pretty fast life—getting in fights and skipping school. After the accident he became addicted to pain killers and was not able to complete school.
Strong Love
In the end this is what makes what CYJS does so important. Go forward, live well, all with the help of CYJS.


Agency: Happiness-Brussels | Production Company: MEDIAPOP | Creative Director: Greg Titeca | Director: Erik Eldman | Producer: Ryan Northcott | Producer: Erik Eldman | Editor: Erik Eldman | Writers: Ryan Northcott, David Haysom | Special Thanks: Tom, Mo, Greg, Toyota.

The Film.

Project Details

Client: Toyota Belgium/Happiness Brussels

Date: August 13, 2013

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