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Come Hell or High Water Music Video

Come Hell

During the floods Albertans banded together as a community to help one another. Singer/Songwriter Sean Hogan was inspired to help Treaty 7 Nations who had been affected by the flood.

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High Water

When the flood happened in Alberta it was devastating to all involved or affected. Forgotten however were the Treaty 7 Nations across the province. Sean Hogan had a plan and with several well known musicians and actors he quickly wrote and produced the song “Come Hell or High Water” with all the proceeds going to the Treaty 7 Nations.

It was a personal journey for many. I was unable to return to my home for 3 weeks, but was one of the lucky ones who lost very little personal items. There were people who lost their entire lives.

When we entered the edit suite with Sean Hogan and director Colin Cunningham it was raw and emotional still, but that comes through in the final cut. Yet in the emotional journey comes a positive and optimistic outlook which only those torn down can appreciate when they build back up.

“When you’ve lost something near and dear to you, the only thing you can do is look up, nod your head to the powers that be, and say to yourself – Today will be a good day.”

Ryan Northcott, Director

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Date: August 13, 2013

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