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A team focused on creativity, problem solving, and stellar service with heart.


We’ll organize the project from start to finish. From organizing crew, budgets, locations, creative direction, and everything else, we are experienced producers who get it done.


There is no project without a great Director. Our Director Ryan Northcott has directed over 400 projects ranging from narrative to full blown advertisements, each creative and memorable.

Concept Development

There is no great production without a solid creative concept. Whether you’ve got your own or you need inspiration we have dreamed up many concepts that have blown people away.

Script Writing

Our scripting process starts with the Character (whatever that may be), the Quest it’s on, supporting and opposing forces, and finally the solution to the problem and story.


Visually seeing your production before shooting begins is essential. We utilize video storyboards to create a vision of the production so you know exactly what you’re getting in the end.


Here we go. With the people, story, gear, and budget in place it’s time to shoot. It’s the fun part where we bring all the pre-production to life and your story comes to life creatively.


This is the magical part. We make it look beautiful with amazing color correction, sound stellar with audio mastering, and finally piece it together into a professional video.


Casting is imperative to a good production if talent is required. They are the face of your message, so we hold casting sessions to find the right person for the right project.

Graphics & Animation

Maybe you want to tell your story without real things and people? Animation is another way to tell your story and gives you the flexibility to create the production you want without limitations.

Color Correction

One of the forgotten parts of video production and film. With great lighting color correction and design can change mood, feeling, and give a production quality that stands out among others.


Video & Film is just a series of frames, photography is no different, but the goal is to capture just one single frame at a time. Each frame starts with a subject, great lighting, masterful editing..just like video.

Voice Over

In our studio we have all the tools to record voice over for your video. With high quality audio capture in our VO booth, we edit the audio to sound crystal clear and rich in range.

Just FYI

If someone tells you gear doesn't matter...they don't have good gear.

The Gear

Red Cinema
Blackmagic Cinema
Arri Cinema
Kino Flo
Matthews Studio Equipment
Rode Audio

Just FYI

Powerpoint is not a video format

The Software

Premiere Pro
DaVinci Resolve
Avid Media Composer
After Effects
Apple Software/Hardware

Exposure is not money

Sometimes things cost money...how much depends on you.

The Pricing

Let’s talk about the 800 pound┬áTrump in the room.

Budget. We get asked all the time “What do you charge?” I’m no physicist (though I do know one) and I could try answer to the nearest exponent, but that would be silly because I’m not good at advanced math and there are many options and ideas┬áthat could alter the final number.

The price depends on what you want to do.

Here’s a handy chart to illustrate that in no particular specificity at all:

Basically I can make you a project that is essentially free (though that’s pretty damn rare) or a project that costs as much as an episode of Game of Thrones. It’s all about the story, but more importantly your budget.

So before we spend time figuring out the Secret of the Budget Sphinx with pretty proposals and Voltaire-quality musings about your project it’s best you just tell us what you want to spend. When we don’t do that together someone loses their ice cream cone and cries all the way home.