We saw space for a creative team in the marketing industry – a team focused on collaboration, emotion, creativity, and un-complicating the production and marketing process.

Ryan Northcott Director Producer Actor Cinematographer Editor MEDIAPOP

We are inspired by visionaries in film, art, music, culture, fashion, community, and society.

These visionaries bring to our lives entertainment with thoughtfulness, art that inspires us, music that drives us, culture that shapes us, fashion that enhances us, community that welcomes us, and society that guides us.

Ryan Northcott

Co-Founder & Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Writer, and Editor

Ryan Northcott is Co-Founder, Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Writer, and Editor at MEDIAPOP Films. He has worked on nearly 600 projects in his 10+ years behind the camera. Ryan has spent his entire adult life in the entertainment industry both in-front and behind the camera. He’s obsessed with finding beauty, style, and creative in the most mundane of things which fuels the creative direction of MEDIAPOP Films.

Ryan is also an accomplished actor, starring in films such as Mystery, Alaska, Let Him Go, and television shows such as JANN on CTV, Tribal, Heartland, The Beach Boys: An American Family and many more.

Ryan Northcott MEDIAPOP Films Actor

Ryan & Eric compliment each other like PB & J, mornings and coffee, summer drinks on a patio.

This producing relationship has allowed Ryan to focus on creative visuals and storytelling, while Eric manages production at a nuts and bolts level. With great people our set atmosphere is fun, collaborative, and professional.

Eric Giesbrecht

Co-Founder & Producer

Eric Giesbrecht has been in the television and theatre industries for over 15 years on the technical side and as producer of films, television, and digital productions. Your typical producer, he balances the line between creative freedom for his filmmakers and writers with the timelines, schedules, budgets, and the intricate details that go into any production big or small.

He loves eating ramen and is a barely-awesome guitar player.

Eric Giesbrecht Ryan Northcott MEDIAPOP Films

We believe in client as partner. We help our clients shine and they help us grow.

With more than 15 years of experience in digital content creation for global leaders, start-ups, and emerging B2B and DTC brands, we are a leading specialty creative video production agency in the burgeoning world of video marketing and advertising. We’ve grown by helping our clients transform and build brand equity, deepen engagement and drive sales.

Our Values

Our core beliefs drive our focus to produce amazing videos for those who put their trust in us. We recognize that every project is monumental and these beliefs guide us to serve it better.


Guides our interactions


Drives our work


Pushes us further


Moves us fast


Not above you, not below you, right with you


For you

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