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Mediapop is a full service video production company with the goal of creating unique, effective, and creative video content for brands, business, film, and music videos. Get some insights into video production, news about what our company has been up to, and the hot new things that we’re excited to talk about.

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Going Down – a Revenge Thriller Short Film by Ryan Northcott & MEDIAPOP Films

March 6, 2021
It's happening! We're officially in Pre-Production on my next revenge/thriller short-film "Going Down" Story: After losing her child at the hands of a Multi-National Dairy Conglomerate, Michelle takes justice into…

Official Selections at Calgary & Edmonton Film Festivals

August 21, 2020
MEDIAPOP Films' Co-Founders Ryan Northcott and Eric Giesbrecht are elated to share that two short-films produced by our production company have been chosen as Official Selections of the Calgary International…

Video Production Safety During COVID-19

May 24, 2020
What can we say about the COVID-19 global pandemic that hasn’t already been said, it’s been a very strange and unknown time for us at MEDIAPOP. We’ve been navigating through…

Tips for Filming Videos at Home During COVID-19

April 26, 2020
The blown out window. The noisy under-lit shadows. The weird angles that aren't flattering. The dark circles under our eyes that aren't from lack of sleep. These are just a…

Once Upon a Pandemic Short Film by Ryan Northcott

March 31, 2020
UPDATE: "Once Upon a Pandemic" is an Official Selection of the Oakville Film Festival being held online this year from June 17-22, 2020 - go to to find out…

Video Production Costs: What You Need to Know

January 30, 2020
The first question we get when someone has decided to engage us in a video production is “How much will it cost?” The general assumption is that you can produce…

What Video Content to Create in 2020

January 5, 2020
You're probably asking yourself how it's 2020 already or if you're reading this later you're probably thinking 2019 seemed like a decade ago. With that comes a new set of…

Fibonacci, The Golden Ratio, Video & Film

December 9, 2013
Influences in the way we shoot our productions range from directors we like, movies we cherish, and math. Math? Yes, math. If you're not familiar with Leonardo Fibonacci, he was…

MEDIAPOP Nominated for an AMPIA Rosie Award

April 14, 2016
We didn't start MEDIAPOP to fill up an award shelf or be showered in accolades. We founded it because we wanted to produce projects that made an impact on the…

RFPs Suck. Here’s How to Fix Them & Respond

June 29, 2017
In the world of creative and video production every so often we are asked to respond to an RFP (Request for Proposal). To break it down a company is seeking…