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a revenge film by Ryan Northcott

After losing her child in a high-profile tainted milk incident at the hands of a large dairy conglomerate – represented in court by Robert and his law firm – Michelle gets revenge and takes justice into her own hands when the justice system fails to hold those at fault accountable for the death of her only child.


Michelle Lucas:

30-40 years old, BIPOC female.

After losing her child and a justice system that fails her, Michelle takes justice into her own hands to find peace with the death of her child at the hands of a Large Dairy Conglomerate. A quiet, strong presence. Resilient with a smile, but a sadness hangs over her. She can paint on a sweet face when she needs to, but deep down she is a rock-solid woman with a resolve unmatched. While she may get flustered in certain situations, she can tamp it down hard with her end goal in mind and zen-like focus.

Robert Kimball:

35 – 50 years old, male.

He’s as smarmy as smarmy can be. A high-priced corporate lawyer (as evidenced by his expensive suit) he is handsome with a charming smile and the confidence of a man who has everything and succeeds at everything. Can turn on the flirtatious in a heartbeat, but is borderline narcissistic enough to ignore the signs others throw at him. He is his own power sphere, but when pushed to life or death his shield evaporates and the real Robert is revealed as a small and insecure man.

Walter Ellis:

50 – 65 years old, male.

In a constant state of stress, irritation, and anxiety. A large man who doesn’t care what others think about him. Perpetually late and in a hurry to get to the next thing. Rare that he takes a minute for himself. He is annoyed with everything, exacerbated with roadblocks, and the definition of a grump. Deep down there’s a soft side, but that never really sees the light of day.

Team (So Far):

Ryan Northcott


On the heels of a successful Film Festival run with his second short film “Once Upon a Pandemic” comes “Going Down” a Revenge Thriller with a take on the Injustice in the Justice System – where if you’ve got the money you can get away with anything. The main character in Going Down, Michelle Lucas, makes the choice – having exhausted all other possibilities – to seek Justice for her daughter in a most satisfying way.

Ryan Northcott MEDIAPOP Films Actor

Eric Giesbrecht


This is Eric’s 4th film in the last 2 years as Producer and the third with Director Ryan Northcott. Once Upon a Pandemic and Operation: Clean Slate had multiple Festival Selections across North America and Half-Day is currently in post-production. He looks forward to getting to work on Going Down to tell a juicy story of revenge and bring to light injustice in the justice system.

Eric Giesbrecht Ryan Northcott MEDIAPOP Films

Film & Campaign News

Campaign set to launch in early April 2021! We are about to begin casting and will have our cast by March 10th, 2021 with production beginning in late April, early May.

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