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Mediapop is a full service video production company with the goal of creating unique, effective, and creative video content for brands, business, entertainment, and corporate strategies.

Our articles are focused on news from our company, including amazing productions and awards we’ve won or been nominated for. We are always on top of what’s happening in our industry, from great new gear to unique and ground-breaking style in video and filmmaking.

The New Mediapop 1280 720 Ryan Northcott

The New Mediapop

Mediapop is a full service production company working with business, brands, filmmakers, and agencies providing creative and high quality content. We are directors, creatives, producers, editors, and cinematographers who have a proven track record working with the some of the globes biggest brands. Years of amazing work has culminated in the need to have a…

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RFPs Suck. Here’s How to Fix Them & Respond. 560 280 Ryan Northcott

RFPs Suck. Here’s How to Fix Them & Respond.

In the world of creative and video production every so often we are asked to respond to an RFP (Request for Proposal). To break it down a company is seeking to find a vendor to do work for them, be it architecture, web-design, creative services, and video production to name just a few. Generally companies…

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MEDIAPOP Nominated for an AMPIA Rosie Award 520 347 Ryan Northcott

MEDIAPOP Nominated for an AMPIA Rosie Award

We didn’t start MEDIAPOP to fill up an award shelf or be showered in accolades. We founded it because we wanted to produce projects that made an impact on the viewer, represented our clients’ goals, and did it with style and substance. Those were the most important aspects, and since then we’ve been honoured to…

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Advertising in a World of Ad Blockers 1280 720 Ryan Northcott

Advertising in a World of Ad Blockers

I hate ads and I make them. On every device, every browser, every possible way I could be advertised to – I block them. Why? Because advertising, in its current form, sucks. The majority of advertising lacks basic creativity, spams the pages you read with big bulky ads, tracks your movements with invasive scripts, interrupts…

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Fibonacci, The Golden Ratio, Video & Film 956 396 Ryan Northcott

Fibonacci, The Golden Ratio, Video & Film

Influences in the way we shoot our productions range from directors we like, movies we cherish, and math. Math? Yes, math. If you’re not familiar with Leonardo Fibonacci, he was an Italian mathematician born in the 12th century. He is known to have discovered the “Fibonacci numbers,” which are a sequence of numbers where each…

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