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The end of an era – Eric Giesbrecht departs Mediapop

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In July of 2011, Eric Giesbrecht and I left a Registration Office with a newly minted certificate of incorporation in hand. We had officially started Mediapop.

Over those 11 years we saw a constant rise in production, working with some amazing brands and creating videos that have stood the test of time. Eric was a powerhouse in bringing in crews that served the production, fostered young folks who were just breaking into the business, and always taking time to teach.

Then the pandemic. It was a global shift and it inspired self-reflection in millions if not billions of people. It was an opportunity to ask ourselves, what am I actually doing? For some, the answer to that question was “I like what I’m doing.” To others, it changed the way they looked at work and work-life balance.

And so it’s the end of an era at Mediapop; Eric has moved away from the film & video industry altogether.

I don’t think I could ever truly share what it meant to have Eric as a friend, business partner, and “work wife.” It’s like having the most dependable, reliable, and hard-working classic car, built to last and always there when you need it; come rain or shine. We will always be friends, but all great things come to end…

I can never thank him enough for his tireless sacrifice and passion for what we were creating. Today, it’s still a nimble and creative production company that has carved out its place in the industry and that is in part thanks to Eric’s vision and foresight. Crafting what we wanted Mediapop to be. I thank him so much for the opportunity to build that together.

Mediapop lives on! I’m taking the time to see where the chips fall and where someone can step in a provide their expertise. When you run your own production company without the luxury of government funding you wear many hats and there were so many different hat styles that Eric wore. It’s a new era at Mediapop and while I’m extremely sad to see him leave the industry, I’m happy that he’s taking care of himself and crafting his future. He deserves it.

I wish Eric all the best in the life outside of this crazy one. The long hours, the chaotic schedule, the weight of running your own business…all of these things can add up.

Our last project together as a directing/producing team was the final days of shooting on a full-length music documentary with Jens Lindemann, Robi Botos, Jason Ehnes, Mike Downes, Kristian Alexandrov, Richard King, and other amazing artists. It was the perfect swan song to a decade of creating together and it will live on in infamy.

To Eric – So long friend, and thanks for all the fish.


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