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This week’s Friday Like is a bit of an inside like. Last summer, Revv52 held a series of outdoor concerts after over a year of no in-person concerts. Our job was to live-stream and film the concerts so folks at home could watch, but those in the audience could also get a unique view of the performance on a huge outdoor screen. 

We also recorded each show, so down the line we could edit the shows into single song videos spanning the concert series. This is one of the first ones….

“Wait For It” by Revv52

Hamilton is currently touring Canada with Broadway Across Canada so it seemed fitting to share this performance. 

Revv52 “Wait for It”

Music and Lyrics by Lin Manuel Miranda

Solos: Mike Heney, John Wiest, Olivia Meyer, Heather Cole

Artistic Director: John Morgan

Technical Director: John Nairn

Video Production: Mediapop

Director and Editor: Ryan Northcott (Mediapop)

Audio Mix: John Morgan (Morgan Music)

It takes courage to fly

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