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Video Production Safety During COVID-19

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What can we say about the COVID-19 global pandemic that hasn’t already been said, it’s been a very strange and unknown time for us at MEDIAPOP. We’ve been navigating through everything like everyone else, washing our hands until they’re desert dry, wearing masks, social distancing, having moments of existential dread, and keeping creative (our Co-Founder Ryan Northcott wrote, directed, shot, edited, acted in “Once Upon a Pandemic” now an Official Selection of the Oakville Film Festival)…Besides that we’ve been thinking about how we can get back to our regular production with strict safety protocols that keep you safe, as well as us.

We’re lucky at MEDIAPOP, traditionally we’ve been a fairly lean in the way we produce our projects, mainly because our team is able to do everything in-house – directing, cinematography, sound, editing, and delivering at high-quality. Again all in-house and with a very small, talented crew. Now, we’re not making big-budget commercials, film, or television right now, but we can produce smaller projects and keep safety at the top of mind.

Over the last months we’ve been doing…

As we have more understanding about COVID-19 and the triggers for infection, we’ve come up with a list of steps, based on government guidelines, to ensure that our production days are safe while still giving the quality and value that MEDIAPOP strives for.

No COVID-19 Symptoms

We will temperature check everyone the morning of the shoot and ask that on-screen talent and other attendees do the same.

Social/Physical Distancing

Each person will be a minimum of 6′ or 2 Meters apart.

Sanitizing Gear 

Before the shoot, we’ll sanitize any equipment touch points with a minimum 70% alcohol solution.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

We’ll be masked and gloved for the shoot with new or sanitized masks. We’ll be sure to have extra sanitizing solution with us.

Location Setup

We will ask that our on-screen talent be out of the room or area during shot set up. Our crew will have specific tasks that only they do, no cross-contamination possibilities.

Hair & Makeup

On-screen talent will be asked to do their own hair and makeup and with the option to remote consult with a professional hair and makeup artist.


From this point forward we’ll be using only a boom microphone and not a lavalier. The boom microphone hangs over the on-screen talent and will be covered and sanitized.

Adjustments & Other Setups

Any adjustments that need to be made during the shoot, we’ll ask that the onscreen talent leave the room.


Any B-Roll will be filmed by the Director/Director of Photography only. We’ll ask that any crew, attendees or on-screen talent stay in another room.

Remote Monitoring

If requested we can have our crew monitor video and audio from outside the room. We can Zoom in other stakeholders that want to be there as well.

Exterior Filming

If we’re filming outside, the same guidelines apply however we’ll ask that anyone there on the day maintain strict physical distance of 6′ or 2 Meters.

Loading In & Out

The small crew loads in and out through the same location, avoiding contact with others.

Right After the Shoot

Gloves and masks are removed immediately after the shoot and stored in a sealed bag, followed by rigorous hand sanitizing.

At Our Offices

Gear is sanitized immediately after at our office, followed by more hand washing.

Following these guidelines will enable us to safely provide quality productions while minimizing any opportunity for exposure. As with most, we don’t know when we’ll get back to the normal shooting environment, but right now this is our new normal and we’ll adjust accordingly while still keeping our creative juices at their fullest…that part does not need to be sanitized :)

We hope you’re all keeping safe, staying happy, holding that head up high and know that this too…shall pass.

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