Canadian Fashion Xperience by espy
High fashion in the high mountains

Canadian Fashion Xperience

Canadian Fashion Xperience (CFX) is a clothing store in Banff, AB that exclusively sells Canadian Designed goods. It is an organization dedicated to promoting Canadian Fashion worldwide with increased retail opportunities for Canadian brands, technology to connect retail buyers to brands, and education for the industry.


Creative Direction





One of the things we love about espy is the word experience. If you’ve ever shopped at espy experience located in the heart of Inglewood in Calgary, Alberta you know it’s a different and enlightening shopping experience. You’re treated as a client, not a customer, they won’t dress you in something that doesn’t work for you, and they know which brands work well with your body type and which don’t

Producing and creating this Brand Film for the Canadian Fashion Xperience by espy in Banff, Alberta, we needed to create a visual experience for the viewer. Yes, the store is beautiful, the clothes are gorgeous, but more importantly how does it make you feel to shop there and experience the Canadian Rockies while in them?

For us, it came down to a simple statement which was shared via text from Ryan to our producer Eric: You can have love, relationships, snowball fights, drink, eat amazing food, and see the most glorious surroundings because you bought clothes that make you feel good and look incredible at CFX.

That may sound like a classic marketing line, but if you feel good about how you look, naturally you’ll act how you feel. CFX is a great experience and that pulsates out towards many aspects of life.

Our couple was incredible considering they had never really met. They were immersive, cute, and lived the experience we were creating for the video. In the end, we have a very sweet story unfold before our eyes, and for that we are really proud of this production.

Director’s Quote

“When I film love…whether that’s for a product or people or a place…and you believe in that love, you can’t help but be inspired to spread and experience love too. It’s our human nature to want that connection if we have it or if we don’t. We connected love and fashion because in many ways they go hand-in-hand with each other.”

Mood & Inspiration


Production Company: MEDIAPOP Films | Creative Director: Ryan Northcott, Dominica Nemec | Director: Ryan Northcott | Producer: Eric Giesbrecht | Producer: Ryan Northcott | Cinematographer: Eric Giesbrecht |  Editor: Ryan Northcott | Talent: Sanne Tollebeek, Tim Gomez | Special Thanks: Megan Szanik, Bruno, CFX Team, Park Restaurant Banff, Sweet Shop Banff, Bellstar Hotels & Resorts | Client: Canadian Fashion Xperience by espy

The Film