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East Village Ambassador Zoey at Charbar

Zoey at Charbar

The EV Junction in East Village, Calgary is a pop-up retail installation located on the corner of 8th Ave. and 4th St. S.E., replacing the old gas station across from the St. Louis Hotel. 12 shipping containers with maverick retailers like Lululemon and The Apple Lady sell their wares Thursday through Sunday in Calgary’s coolest neighbourhood.






East Village is Calgary’s most ambitious redevelopment to date. Taking a neighbourhood with derelict buildings and seedy elements to one with new housing, great restaurants, parks, shops, and incorporating existing residents was an enormous challenge. Part of that challenge was to repurpose the Simmons Mattress Factory – a traditional brick and beam building that had gone into disrepair.

Working with Evans Hunt, we enlisted East Village Resident Ambassador Zoey Duncan to give people a look into Charbar and the Rooftop Patio at the Simmons Building. In many ways it was easy to establish the great food and drink. We wanted a very live and energetic feel to the footage and played with available natural light that can be abundant in the building. It was important that it wasn’t scripted – that we could actually feel Zoey learning the dish and cocktail, but within that story be able to see the beauty and general coolness of Charbar and the Rooftop Bar.

Our music choice was equally as important as the films’ look. To match the lively feel we chose a track that was fast paced and matched the Argentine influence of the dishes at Charbar.

“I want people to feel what it means to live in East Village. It’s so unlike any neighbourhood in Calgary. When I walk out the door and see the Simmons Building, and I can smell the incredible food they’re cooking at Charbar – as I born and raised Calgarian I can’t believe this is our city. East Village is a destination.”

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Agency: Evans Hunt | Production Company: MEDIAPOP | Creative Director: Andrew Morgan | Director: Ryan Northcott | Producer: Eric Giesbrecht | Editor: Ryan Northcott | Special Thanks: Zoey Duncan, Charbar, East Village

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