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Forbes Bros.

Forbes Bros. Powerline Construction needed a film to tell its story in an ever changing power market that includes the likes of Warren Buffett and some of the biggest nations. The story is a simple one: Forbes Bros. is the leader in powerline construction across North & South America and in the future the world.






We took on the Forbes Bros. project for many different reasons – one of them being the adventure. We traveled across Western Canada to capture footage in temperatures ranging from -60F to 110F. The work the Forbes Bros. does was also attractive to us, you don’t often get the opportunity to film with helicopters, explosions, and the incredibly dangerous daily work they perform.

One of the biggest challenges was to keep the cameras warm in arctic temperatures. Eric, our producer, came up with an ingenious, yet simple solution, tie as many hand warmers around the cameras as possible to keep the batteries and gear from giving in to the cold. It was a great success – we were able to capture everything we intended to.

“If you don’t know what it’s like to stand outside when it’s -60F, you haven’t lived. We were lucky, we consulted with people who had filmed and climbed Everest – but still the cold gets inside you and it’s easy to understand how the cold can kill you.”

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Production Company: MEDIAPOP | Creative Director: Ryan Northcott | Director: Ryan Northcott | Producer: Eric Giesbrecht | Producer: Ryan Northcott | Editor: Anies Hassan | Music: Neil Gunnar

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