What are your truths?
mediapop "Truths"

mediapop Brand Film

Back in 2013 we decided we needed to make a brand film about the way we operated. One of the ideas and concepts we hit on was how it feels when something great happens, when something goes wrong, and when the littlest thing in the day makes it great.




Art Direction

Creative Direction


As visual artists we needed to convey exactly how powerful video can be. So we tied those emotions to the way everyday things make us feel. The first thing that makes people react and take action is when something hits them emotionally. That may be having that first sip of coffee in the morning or cry-laughing, either way it makes us feel, and when we feel we are empowered to take action.

The goal was to show that our truths, those little things that happen everyday can make us take that all important action.

The fun part was enlisting our ideas of those small truths.

“My truths are really simple and going through the process of finding those in the video was fun. The biggest one for me was coffee in the morning…there’s nothing like having that first coffee in the morning that wakes you up, gets your going, and opens your eyes to the world. Plus, I think I’m pretty awful before coffee :)”

Mood & Inspiration


Production Company: MEDIAPOP Films | Creative Director: Ryan Northcott | Director: Ryan Northcott | Producer: Eric Giesbrecht | Producer: Ryan Northcott | Cinematographer: Eric Giesbrecht | Writer: Ryan Northcott | Editor: Ryan Northcott | Talent: Dan Clapson, Stacie Harrison, Ryan Northcott, Sarah Howden, Jessica Zhang, Janelle, Maddie Murphy-Northcott | Narrator: Ryan Northcott

The Film