What time you wanna get up? Why not?
Nick: Learning Alarm Clock

Wake the f@%k up

Nest has its learning thermostat that changed the way we heat and cool our homes. Well we wanted to what it would be like if a learning alarm clock was an actual human and what he or she would be like.




Art Direction

Creative Direction


To be completely honest, we made this video to test out the Digital Bolex, a Kickstarter product that we invested in. We got camera #54 and we’ve since donated it to the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF), but it was a great opportunity to have some fun and test out the 2k camera.

Ryan had a Nest thermostat, and after a few brainstorming sessions with the mediapop team we came up with Nick, the learning alarm clock. With talented actors Ryan Northcott and David Haysom improving their way through the scene it becomes a wild video…and maybe a product we need

“Perhaps the funniest thing about this video is not the acting, concept, or cinematography…it’s the fact that after the video was shot we realized that we completely destroyed the bed we filmed on. Too much jumping, too many aggressive wake ups, jumping, and singing…all resulting in a broken bed.”


Production Company: MEDIAPOP Films | Creative Director: Ryan Northcott | Director: Ryan Northcott | Producer: Eric Giesbrecht | Producer: Ryan Northcott | Cinematographer: Eric Giesbrecht | Writer: David Haysom, Ryan Northcott | Editor: Ryan Northcott | Talent: Ryan Northcott, David Haysom

The Film