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With operations across Canada and an experienced team, we believe renewable fuel sources are critical to meeting the country’s growing demand for power and diversifying energy supply. A fresh voice for energy development and the power to change the future, one project at a time.




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This powerful video about the greater good of renewables energy is one we are most certainly proud of. One of the arguments we wanted to cut through was what the impact of fossil fuels vs. renewables were. That argument stops dead in this video when you look at the benefit of renewables. There is no question that from an environmental standpoint it is far greater than traditional forms of energy, and now we are seeing the economic impact even in an age of low oil prices – solar, wind, and hydro generation is on the rise – to the benefit of us all.

We enjoyed hearing what people had to say from their heart and it paints BluEarth as leaders in the movement away from dirty forms of energy and into an environment of sustainability. We believe everyone has the power to change the future and can’t wait to see what happens in the next 20 years.

“The days of wild accumulation of gadgets and gear has turned us upside down. I want to leave the next generations something they would be proud of us for, not cursing our name in peril. We have a choice continue on the path we’re on and destroy what we have, or embrace the next stage in our existence which is far more caring to earth and each other.”

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Production Company: MEDIAPOP | Creative Director: Ryan Northcott | Director: Ryan Northcott | Producer: Eric Giesbrecht | Producer: Ryan Northcott | Editor: Anies Hassan, Ryan Northcott | Special Thanks: Kent Brown, Kelly Matheson-King, Amira Shivji, Kimberley Gray

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