The Making of Miracle in East Texas
2019 Rosies Nominated Behind the Scenes Film

The Making of the film Miracle in East Texas

Starring Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo, and his wife/producer Sam Sorbo, we were lucky to go behind the scenes of the film “Miracle in East Texas” (formerly known as East Texas Oil). Over several days we filmed scenes, interviews with cast and crew, and the beautiful backdrop of Alberta – one of the world’s best places to film. The film stars Kevin Sorbo, John Ratzenberger, Sam Sorbo, and more.


Nominated for a 2019 Rosie Award (Best Non-Fiction Under 30 Minutes)

Client: Kevin & Sam Sorbo
Producers: Ryan Northcott, Eric Giesbrecht, John Duffy
Director: John Duffy
Cinematographer: Ryan Northcott
Editor: Ryan Northcott

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