Film, Video Production & Content Services

Content Strategy, Production, Post-Production, Fixer Producing, Photography, and other ways we’re serving and creating marketing and entertainment content.

What does Full Service mean?

From the beginning of a project you are working and creating video and marketing content with the people doing the work.

We do everything.

Skills & Services

Content Strategy

We take a Big Picture approach to content, marrying creativity and purpose to individual goals. In the end, we develop content that creates buzz and ROI.

+ Brainstorming

+ Brand Positioning

+ Script Writing

+ Market Research

+ Consulting

+ Mood Boarding

Video Production

We are Doers. Creators. Producers. Makers. We produce all of your content in-house through a creative process that spits out targeted content based on your needs.

+ Directing

+ Cinematography

+ Producing

+ Pre-Production

+ Crew & Locations

+ Fixer Producing


We curate the assets related to the project and go through our post process bringing the content to life with client feedback and review until the original vision is accomplished.

+ Online & Offline Editing

+ Color Grading

+ Animation

+ Delivery to All Screens

+ Audio Mastering

+ Music Licensing

Other Services

We aren’t limited to just video and film, we create a variety of content limited only by imagination and innovation. We are makers and the creativity in what we make has no bounds (except for drawing, we are not good at that).

+ Photography

+ Long & Short Term Time-Lapse

+ Graphic Design

+ Website Design

+ Live Video

+ Radio and Audio Production

Some ideas to get the juices flowing…

Film & Television

A great script, great production, an incredible cast, and decent budget will get that feature film, short film or episodic TV/Streaming content produced.

Branded Content

Meet your customer. Show them how much you rock. Make something they will be blown away by. Advertise and entertain all in one medium.

Social Media Content

Create content that shares your story, product, service, and goal. These are short, sweet, shareable, likeable, and geared for your feed.

Music Videos

You wrote an amazing song and in the digital age it’s nothing without a music video to go with your release.
These are creative, cutting-edge, highly conceptual, and a way to generate buzz.


From big budget to little budget, advertising on TV, Web, and Social Media is an effective to tell your story. You’ve got 30 seconds to grab them, make it count.


There’s a message that needs to get out to your stakeholders. Maybe it’s an initiative, company culture, new direction – video is a powerful communication tool.


Event, landscape, architectural, portrait, and people. We’ve taken all kinds of photos of all kinds of things with our same style, creativity, and attention to quality.


We own and operate OwlBox Construction Time-Lapse, a short and long-term time-lapse photography company with such projects as the New Central Library in Calgary.

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