Calgary's New Central Library
Opening Day
A library for Calgary's Future


Calgary Public Library


Ryan Northcott

Director of Photography

Ryan Northcott


Ryan Northcott, Evan Lauderdale






Eric Giesbrecht, Ryan Northcott


Alex Robinson

For the last 5 years we’ve been producing (directing, cinematography, and editing too!) video and long-term timelapse for the Calgary’s New Central Library through our companies MEDIAPOP Films and OwlBox. It’s been an amazing and passionate journey watching it grow from piles of dirt to the architectural landmark it is today.

a New Library for the future

New Central Library Photography MEDIAPOP

New Central Library
Video Shown on Opening Day



We are big fans of libraries. They offer so much to so many different people and the opportunity to document the creation of a globally recognized building was a dream come true for us. It started with the long-term time-lapse provided by our company OwlBox Construction Time-Lapse, then filming in-depth interviews with the builders, managers, creators, and users. If you haven’t visited the New Central Library in Calgary yet, you must.

Central Library
Opening Day Highlight Video


A Day to Remember

We’re not sure what the capacity of the new Central Library is, but it was definitely at its limit that day and it was a beautiful thing to witness. The opportunity we had to drone inside the building before the official opening was incredibly neat and on opening day the footage was shown to everyone there. While we couldn’t go full-tilt with filming, we managed to capture the essence of opening day.

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