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Once Upon a Pandemic a Short Film by Ryan Northcott

Once Upon a Pandemic
a Short Film by Ryan Northcott

Madeleine Murphy-Northcott
Kristin Booth
Ryan Northcott
Production Company
Ryan Northcott
Ryan Northcott
Director of Photography
Ryan Northcott
Ryan Northcott
Associate Producer
Eric Giesbrecht
Ryan Northcott

YouTube Premiere
September 8th, 2022

Join Ryan Northcott and the stars of the film LIVE on September 8th, 2022 for the YouTube Premiere of “Once Upon a Pandemic”


Best Screenwriter Short - Rosies
Ryan Northcott
Best Short Film - Rosies
Ryan Northcott - Producer
Best Actress - Rosies
Madeleine Murphy-Northcott


Once Upon a Pandemic” is the heartwarming and heartbreaking story of a young girl Maddie, self-isolated in her home during a global pandemic while her Mom is in strict quarantine away from the family. Maddie leans on her Dad for guidance, but finds that he can’t always be there for her, so she learns to cope with a heartbreaking twist with the resiliency only a child has.

Ryan wrote the screenplay one morning while in self-isolation, touching on the new reality that parents are navigating – teacher, entertainer, psychologist – all while trying to maintain a level of strength in a world turned upside down. What struck him was the strength and resilience that our children have exhibited, more specifically how well his daughter Maddie has handled such change.

Left to their own devices, what would a child do in a situation like the one faced during a global pandemic?

Calgary, Alberta
Shot on RED

It takes courage to fly