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OwlBox Construction Cameras
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Company Creation, Branding, Website, and Operation


OwlBox Construction Time-Lapse

Creative Direction

Ryan Northcott

Product Direction

Eric Giesbrecht





Longest Time-Lapse

4.5 Years

After a beer league hockey game in 2014, our Co-Founder Ryan Northcott was asked by a teammate if he could do a 3-year time-lapse of a construction project in Hardisty, Alberta. Emphatically he said YES…without any real direction on how to do that. Thus began OwlBox.

The Experts in
Construction Time-Lapse


The Problem

Construction/GoPro camera quality sucks.
There’s sometimes no power.
North America is a big place, you can’t swap out SD Cards at scale.


The Solution

We settled on DSLR Cameras.
We chose Solar Power.
We get the photos via Cellular Data.

Introducing OwlBox

We called it OwlBox based on, well, an OwlBox. The logo had to appeal to the construction crowd, yet portray that whoever is checking in on the site at any given moment cares about their project – so a subtle heart as the face of the owl.


Lesson Learned

Our first cameras went to Hardisty, Alberta to capture construction of a tank farm. The images we got back were beautiful and we knew we were onto something special and unique. When the snow fell and the temperatures reached -40ºC we quickly learned that solar panels are the perfect place for snow to settle…blocking the solar capacity. We adjusted, forgoing the angled panel and installing it vertically. That worked.

The Website

As we researched websites in the industry it was pretty obvious that each one was a carbon copy of the other. No style, no substance, no personality, and chock full of corporate blue. We also realized that they focused on their cameras and not the actual image. A Project Manager doesn’t care about how the camera works, they just want it to work, and to check in on their project remotely. We focused on how the cameras will solve their problem and what kind of quality they’ll get when they log in.


The Big Break

In 2014 we were approached by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation to chat about a time-lapse of the New Central Library which was beginning construction soon. They took a chance on OwlBox and for the next 4.5 years we took a photo every ten minutes of the site.

The New Central Library

Watch the construction time-lapse by OwlBox of the New Central Library in Calgary.

+ Over 200,000 photos were taken
+ Over 850 GB of Photo Data
+ According to Construction – Over $2 Million saved because of the camera

OwlBox & Beyond

Today OwlBox has worked on 100+ projects across Canada and the United States, from the Calgary Stampede, BMO Expansion, Bridges, Wind Farms, Solar Farms, High Rises, and many more. We’re looking forward to our next 100.

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