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Ryan Northcott

Director of Photography

Ryan Northcott


Ryan Northcott






Eric Giesbrecht, Ryan Northcott

It isn’t often that the people you are filming are working harder or lifting more gear than you, but that was the case in these social media and brand videos for Passage Studios in Calgary. With Yoga, Spin, and HIIT the group we filmed busted their asses to allow us to get the right shots for these beautiful and inspirational videos.

Say Ahhhhhsome.

The Spin & HIIT
High Energy Video



We’re all about efficiency when we produce our projects so with Passage Studios we doubled-up Video Production and Photography in the same session. If you’ve ever been in a Spin studio you know it’s dark and for good reason, with that in mind the lighting is stark and bright and the slow motion adds to the chaos of good spin.

For the Yoga it was an entirely different look and feel. Yoga is for the mind, body, and soul. We chose a time of day where natural light was beaming in from the outside to create a warm and inviting look with emotional music to capture what good yoga feels like.

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An emotional Yoga Journey
through video art



The space in Passage Studios is perfect for photography and the instructors of the studio were able to find comfort in our relaxed and fun set atmosphere. The photos have been used all over social media, their website, print, and in advertising different promotions going on at the studio.

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