Mount Royal Kantorei presents
'Please Stay' by Jake Runestad
produced by Mount Royal Kantorei and MEDIAPOP Films


John Morgan & Ryan Northcott

Director of Photography

Ryan Northcott

Performed by

Mount Royal Kantorei




Morgan Music // Mount Royal Kantorei // MEDIAPOP Films

Editor & Colorist

Ryan Northcott

In an effort to shine a light on suicide, suicide prevention and help destigmatize mental health concerns, Mount Royal Kantorei presents the video for ‘Please Stay’ by Jake Runestad, Directed and Produced by MEDIAPOP’s Ryan Northcott. This piece is an anthem for hope and supports those who are battling depression and thoughts of suicide.


The Mental Health

We encourage open conversations about these serious issues and illnesses, as we all struggle at times battling them. Now more than ever it is so important to stand together, support one another, and share hope. In honour of International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day we share this moment of reflection, grief, healing and hope.

You are not alone – together, we can make a difference and be the support system that saves a life.

Watch “Please Stay” by Jake Runestad
Mount Royal Kantorei & MEDIAPOP Films


There is Help

If you are struggling, there are resources available:

Canada Suicide Prevention Service:
1 (833) 456-4566 or Text 45645

Kids Help Phone:
1 (800) 668-6868

Distress Centre Calgary:
(403) 266-4357

For your area, Google will help:



Music and Lyrics: Jake Runestad
Artistic Director: John Morgan
Please Stay Soloist: Cassandra Walker – Bessette
Dancer: Michelle Godin
Spoken Word: Stephanie MacDonald, Sabrina Reed, Kathy Stol, Michael Chase
Piano and Orchestral Recording: John Morgan
Recorded at OCL Recording Studios
Tracking: Brennan Kennedy (OCL Recording Studios)
Audio Mix John Morgan (Morgan Music)
Video Filmed at the Banff Fairmont Hotel
Video Direction: Ryan Northcott (MediaPop Films) and John Morgan
Video Shoot and Editing: MediaPop Films & Ryan Northcott
Production: Produced by Kantorei Choral Society
Kantorei Choral Society Board of Directors: Lisa Collins (President), James Hume (Vice – President), Eunice Loudon (Past-President), Alex Chumley (Treasurer), Jyoti Mistry (Secretary), Jennifer Nakaska (Director of Concert Planning and Production), Joycelyn Kristoff (Director of Fundraising), Beth Walmsley (Director of Internal Affairs), Bobbi Lintner (Director of Marketing), Marketing Liason: Barbara Ulrich Business Manager: Drew Thomas
Funding and Support: Kantorei Choral Society, Calgary Arts Development and Alberta Foundation for the Arts

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