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Ryan Northcott





We’ve been helping The Awakened Company with their website, video series, and graphic design over the years. The Awakened Company is a global consulting firm focused on igniting passion, purpose and engagement, so your organization can flourish. Started by Catherine Bell and Kent Brown with other consultants on the team, they’ve been integral to many businesses across Canada and the U.S.

Web Design, Graphic Design, and Video

A New Website for The AC

Using the foundation of WordPress we designed and consulted on The Awakened Company website. This isn’t a website that simply shares information there were many aspects of the business that were part of the site.

+ Design & Development
+ WordPress

+ WooCommerce
+ Algorithmic Quiz
+ MailChimp Integration


Decisions on Design

Customers and potential clients make decisions based on design. If a website is messy, lacking style, or stuck in the past a visitor will judge that company based on that. It’s the first touch point. It needs to have design harmony and The Awakened Company shows that.

Graphic Design

During COVID-19, Catherine Bell and Russ Hudson began live webinars centred around teachings of the Enneagram. Part of the promotion was to create a suite of images and focal areas around the upcoming and past Enneagram webinars. We did this in collaboration with the team to focus on elements – Earth, Air, Water, Fire – and design graphics around that concept that gave information, but were also beautiful to look at.


Consistency Across Platforms

The Enneagram series with Catherine Bell and Russ Hudson streams live on Zoom, is available afterwards on Vimeo On Demand, is promoted on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Consistency in design across these platforms was imperative.

Social Media Assets

The social media graphics and assets were consistent across the board. As the live webinar series propagated to Zoom, Vimeo On Demand, and other outlets – the social media assets were to match the subject of that particular webinar.

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