Building a Live Bee Camera
at The Hive in East Village
Powering a Nest Camera with Solar


East Village // CMLC

Creative Team

Ryan Northcott // Eric Giesbrecht





COVID-19 has been a challenge for marketers and companies. How do you get people engaged and active while social distancing and staying home? For years East Village has had The Hive in East Village with beehives from MØB Honey. In previous years, you could go on tours, but this year was a different story – so we were asked to set up a Live Camera so people could see the bees from home.


A Solar Powered Live Camera.

We own and operate OwlBox Construction Time-Lapse, so naturally we could figure out how to do this, right? It turned out to be a feat of engineering…okay maybe not that dramatic, but a challenge nonetheless. We decided on the Google Nest Camera because we could embed a live stream publically, but in the fine print the Nest Cam must be connected to constant power. We didn’t have that.

Our Co-Founder Eric rigged up the camera to be powered by Solar – and gadzooks, it worked! We used an old OwlBox enclosure to protect against weather, stuck it on an old light stand (that Ryan hates) and with a charge controller, solar panel, and backup battery we’ve had the Nest Camera streaming live with minimal interruption.


We’re no longer scared of Bees.

You’ve heard the saying that Bees aren’t bothered by you and you shouldn’t be bothered either…This is true. With thousands of bees surrounding us, you learn that they’re just going about their business doing the important work they do for our environment.

Go Watch the Bees!

The bees are buzzing right now, go check out The Hive at the East Village website where you can learn some fascinating facts about MØB Honey and the Bees like…

Each Hive will have up to 60,000 bees by the fall.

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