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The Sacred Veil

Mount Royal Kantorei
The Sacred Veil
"The Veil Opens"

Written & Composed by Eric Whitacre.
A moving and talent-rich music video for Mount Royal Kantorei.

Mount Royal Kantorei
Morag Northey
Production Company
Film Director
Ryan Northcott
Artistic Director
John Morgan
Director of Photography
Ryan Northcott
Producers (Mediapop)
Ryan Northcott
Eric Giesbrecht
Producers (Kantorei)
John Morgan
Lisa Collins
Editor & Colorist
Ryan Northcott


Over two days we filmed this beautiful and powerful song originally written and composed by Eric Whitacre

The group lit hundreds of candles (and some LEDs too) to create a warm and inviting atmosphere fitting for the music. To create the theme of life and death, John Morgan, Artistic Director of Kantorei, enlisted the talents of two dancers Sarah Dolan and Kelsie Marie Vanstone. With craft color grading, Ryan Northcott created an almost moonlit scene for "death" whereas "life" was bathed in warm bright light.

It's a gorgeous piece and visually stunning, we're really proud to show it to the world.


Shot on RED, BMPCC 6K Pro with DZIO Pictor Zooms and Aputure LEDs

It takes courage to fly