MEDIAPOP is a full service

Creative Video Production Agency

MEDIAPOP is a specialty shop that produces video content for Leading Brands and the Agencies that support them.

From concept development and strategy through production and post, we produce video content for screens of all sizes.

Brands We’ve Worked With

Happy clients we’re proud to have worked with in Calgary and internationally. They’ve utilized our skills as producers and directors to create great video production projects for their marketing needs.

Since 2008, we have been producing award-winning work by focusing on quality, service, creativity, and craftsmanship.

A collaborative approach is at the heart of what we do.

Latest Featured Work

Fish Wall Video New Central Library Calgary MEDIAPOP

Fishwall Art Installation New Central Library Calgary

Miracle in East Texas MEDIAPOP Films BTS

The Making of Miracle in East Texas

Passage Studios

Calgary 2026 Olympic Bid

Calgary’s New Central Library Opening

Calgary Co-op Killarney Gas Bar Art Piece Time-Lapse

ProAll Manufacturing Video Production

East Village Junction

Blending language, imagery, music, color, and sound into stories that deliver emotion and impact.

Journal & News

RFPs Suck. Here’s How to Fix Them & Respond.

RFPs Suck. Here’s How to Fix Them & Respond. 560 280 Ryan Northcott

In the world of creative and video production every so often we are asked to respond to an RFP (Request for Proposal). To break it down a company is seeking…

MEDIAPOP Nominated for an AMPIA Rosie Award

MEDIAPOP Nominated for an AMPIA Rosie Award 520 347 Ryan Northcott

We didn’t start MEDIAPOP to fill up an award shelf or be showered in accolades. We founded it because we wanted to produce projects that made an impact on the…

Advertising in a World of Ad Blockers

Advertising in a World of Ad Blockers 1280 720 Ryan Northcott

I hate ads and I make them. On every device, every browser, every possible way I could be advertised to – I block them. Why? Because advertising, in its current…

Fibonacci, The Golden Ratio, Video & Film

Fibonacci, The Golden Ratio, Video & Film 956 396 Ryan Northcott

Influences in the way we shoot our productions range from directors we like, movies we cherish, and math. Math? Yes, math. If you’re not familiar with Leonardo Fibonacci, he was…

Did you know?

OwlBox Construction Time-Lapse is a part of MEDIAPOP

Nikon DSLR Cameras

We use 24 Mega-Pixel Nikon DSLR Cameras in every box. This means you get the best quality photo with amazing resolution.

Cellular Connectivity

Photos are beamed back via cellular connection. This allows for real time viewing of your project via your custom Web App.

Solar Powered

OwlBox is powered by the sun, no AC tie-in required. Solar panels and a back up battery power OwlBox through all seasons.

Weather Proof IP66

We’ve been through Canadian winters, and Australian summers. OwlBox has performed amazingly well with its IP66 rating.